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A microchip is a passive radio circuit about the size of a grain of rice. This ‘chip’ is implanted into your pet with an injection - much like a vaccine shot. Each micro chip contains a simple code number that can be read by a hand held scanner. When you have your pet micro chipped the ‘unique’ number on its’ chip will be registered into an online database, along with it’s owner information; things like name, address, and phone number; contact information that will help reunite you with your pet. This information is kept online where shelters and vet clinics can access it at all times.

Most veterinarian clinics and animal shelters routinely scan lost pets for microchips.

Skagit Animal Clinic uses the resQ pet identification system by Bayer, this is a ISO (International Standard Organization) supported microchip recommended by the AAHA, AVMA, and the ASPCA. These chips are compatible with universal scanners so they can be read all over the world. ResQ chips are easily registered on the web site, If you want, we can help you register your pet, though we encourage you to become familiar with the Petlink site since it should be updated with any changes to your residence or contact information. A microchip is only as good as its’ contact information.

SAC currently has a universal scanner and an older AVID scanner, since older microchips may not always scan.

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