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We want to protect you and your pet from internal and external parasites and the discomfort and illnesses that they can cause.

External Parasites

Fleas and ticks are the two most common 

external parasites that pet owners need 

to be concerned about.

Fleas are not only a physical nuisance they can cause anemia, skin reactions (allergies) and carry infections, such as cat scratch fever (Bartonella). They can also serve as a tapeworm host.

Adult fleas account for only 5% of the flea population, the other 95%, in the form of eggs, larvae and pupae, can survive for months in the surrounding environment. This means that keeping fleas off your pet will be a never ending process.

Ideally, you’d use a product that would kill adult fleas as well as all forms of their offspring, unfortunately there is no one chemical that kills all flea forms.

We recommend placing your pet on a yearly preventive flea program; By treating year round we kill adult fleas before they have time to reproduce and ultimately reduce the flea population in your home.

Internal Parasites

There are many types of internal parasites that can commonly infest your pet, and even you. Worms such as roundworms, hookworms and whip worms can be passed from pet to pet and to humans through chance ingestion of contaminated soil or plant life. These worms shed their eggs in your pets stool and contaminate the environment .

Tapeworms, another internal parasite, requires an intermediate host. Fleas are a common host but mice, rats and rabbits can also serve.

Heartworms are not as prevalent in our area of the United States, but are gradually making their way from the south and east. Pets moving from these areas should be tested and monitored, and clients moving into these area need to be counseled on how to protect their pets.

Health tips to protect you and your family from internal parasitic infections

  • Wash your hands well after contact with an animal

  • Do not allow children to put soil in their mouths

  • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly

  • Pick up dog and cat waste from your yard daily, especially in areas where both pets and people play

  • Cover home sandboxes to protect them from fecal contamination

  • Have your pet tested regularly for parasites by a veterinarian and administer year round preventive medications to control zoonotic parasites.

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