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Pet Packages

Puppy / Kitten Packages

These packages provide:

  • Vaccinations suitable for the lifestyle of your pet, appropriately spaced.

  • Consultations for 6 months to provide you with continued professional advice about your new family member.

  • Treatment and education about parasites, external and internal, that your pet will be exposed to all its’ life.

  • Micro chipping, a better way to provide lifetime identification.

  • Spay / Neuter services; every animal should be wanted, and a fixed pet stays healthier.

  • For budgeting purposes we offer two different forms of our puppy / kitten packages. basic and premium, ask about the difference and choose the one right for you.

Wellness Plans (for adult pets)

We recommend yearly check ups for pets 1 - 6 years of age. During the middle years of your pet, we will continue to monitor its health and address the continued issues that might effect it.

  • Update vaccines and keep you informed about possible new health risks in our area.

  • Provide testing, advice and convenient treatment for common parasites.

  • Dental exam; pets can get dental disease that can have serious and far reaching effects on their entire health. We will grade your pets oral health with a 1-4 dental disease score during their annual check up.

  • Comprehensive physical

  • Body scoring; obesity is a common problem, keeping track of your pets weight gain or lost is a good way to keep your pets health on track.

Senior Pet Recommendations (for pets 7 years or older)

Our pets age faster than we do, most animals are entering their senior years by age 7 and will require more check ups and closer observation to help maintain their good health. We recommend:

  • Twice yearly exams

  • Yearly blood work and urine analysis, the early stages of many diseases can be picked up using good lab work. Early detection equals less drastic and costly treatment for many problems brought on by old age.

  • X rays, these are used to scan and monitor diseases of the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines and bones.

  • Blood pressure testing; older pets can become hypertensive if suffering from thyroid or kidney diseases.

  • Glaucoma. Increases in eye pressure can cause pain and lead to blindness if not detected and treated.

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