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Pet Insurance

Veterinary Insurance

Veterinary care costs are increasing with the use of new technologies and new treatment methods. Pet insurance gives you, the client, a way to afford quality veterinary services without having to choose between appropriate treatments vs. the least expensive one. It can also help with ‘Wellness Care’ costs and the agonizing decision to euthanize a pet due to finances.

Skagit Animal Clinic encourages pet owners to look into pet insurance, especially new puppy and kitten owners. We do not advocate for any particular company though we do have a couple that we have worked with and some that the staff are happy with. We have included a list of Pet Insurance companies, their web sites and phone numbers, this is probably not a complete list just the ones we know about. Below we have listed a number of questions and items you should think about when checking out pet insurance;

Options – offering a variety of plans gives you, the client, more choices about how you spend your money and the types of coverage you feel is more pertinent to your pet and lifestyle.

What are the limitations and exclusions? – All insurance companies have limitations and exclusions, look for policies that are easy to understand and clear about what they cover and what they don’t.

Pre-existing conditions – be aware of the insurance companies definition of ‘pre-existing’ this might vary from company to company.

  • Does the policy include hereditary and congenital issues?

  • How long the policy has to be in effect before you can take your pet to the vet without an illness being labeled ‘pre existing’? (Waiting periods)

Reimbursement rates – look for companies that will reimburse you for what your vet charges not dictate how much they’ll pay due to some pre set fee schedule.

Age restrictions – will they cover your pet when it gets old?

Generally pet insurance works in this manner:

  1. Client researches and chooses company, purchases one or two of their preferred options.

  2. After the designated wait period the pet is covered

  3. Bring your claim form with you to the veterinarian at your appointment

  4. Pay veterinarian, fill out insurance form (get copies of record if needed) and send information and copy of bill to insurance company (if required).

  5. Get check from insurance company

Pet Insurance Companies

Pets Best Insurance

877-738-7237 x4

VPI Pet Insurance (Veterinary Pet Insurance)


ASPCA Pet Health Insurance


Embrace Pet Insurance


Petplan Pet Insurance


Petfirst Healthcare


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